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Cry Justice Now is a division of the New Life Evangelistic Center that offers assistance for those experiencing injustice or homelessness, whether incarcerated or recently released.

Resources for Inmates

Here are some resources for current / recently-released prisoners who are experiencing injustice or homelessness. Family and supporters of these individuals may also benefit through these resources.

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The Cry Justice Now News needs your assistance. We rely on our readers to submit stories, articles, testimonies, poetry, and artwork in order to keep publishing on a quarterly basis.

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Your donation helps us to provide resources to individuals who are incarcerated or were recently released.

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Please join us next week, August 6th, from 7:00PM-9:00PM for an online screening of Ben…

Friend, This week the Department of Justice under the direction of Attorney General William Barr…


Anthony C. Smith (El Dorado, KS)

At times I was so close to Satan and hell. You could smell the smoke of hell on me. But God in His mercy and love would snatch me away from Satan, death’s door, and the fires of hell. Time and time again He would throw me a life line...