Drugs began to take over my life as I constantly dealt with feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. Then I found myself in the prison system for grand theft and exploitation.

Since my incarceration, God’s hands have been upon me from the very first day and have shown me things about myself that I needed to change.

I found a new purpose for living as I got closer to God and His Will in my life. He has made it possible for me to meet a lot of good people in here. And to be around fellow Christian brothers. As my case goes back to court I believe, by the Grace of God, the judge will correct my sentence, to where I will be going home before long and never again will I turn my back on my Lord and Savior.

As we discipline ourselves in the art of living and becoming harmonious with God’s law, we can take yesterday’s experi-ence and make today’s dreams tomorrow’s reality.

When we develop understanding and can identify ourselves and our relationship to God, we discover new realms of strength. With this new strength we begin to enjoy life more completely. Life is a never ending joyous adventure for those who develop a positive attitude for living.

We were given life for living. How we choose to live it is a choice we must make. And we can make it good as long as we keep God first in our lives.

Robert McCallum,
Defuniak Springs, FL