Dear Friends,

Here is my letter to Missouri Governor Greitens regarding Russell Bucklew’s execution scheduled for March 20th.  Let me urge you to help by:

  • Prayer for Russell,
  • taking action yourself.  Please call the governor at 573-751-3222 and ask him to grant clemency for Russell Bucklew.
  • Also, pray that Russell will take my phone call when I try to reach him again later today and that if he has no spiritual advisor, he would consider me.


–Rev. Ray Redlich

Dear Gov. Greitens,

Executions are a difficult subject.  Some would say that a murderer should be put to death regardless of how much pain and suffering it will inflict upon him.  However, our Constitution forbids “cruel and unusual punishment” for any crime.

Russell Bucklew is scheduled to die tomorrow.  Due to a physical condition called cavernous hemangioma, his execution could very well result in a bloody mishap in which Mr. Bucklew might suffocate in his own blood. Such a disaster would be uncalled for.  Our state does not need that kind of reputation.  I believe that justice can be served instead by allowing Mr. Bucklew to live out his natural life behind bars.  His quality of life is already compromised.

Therefore, Gov. Greitens, I humbly urge you to commute Russell Bucklew’s sentence to life without parole.  Our interests as a sane, civil society are at stake.

Thank you.

–Ray Redlich