Pastor Mark Glenn first joined the Cry Justice Now Newspaper in 1996, where he, along with Reverend Larry Rice and the CJNN Staff, brought to light abuses by correctional guards, poor living conditions and substandard medical care. Now Glenn returns to the CJNN as Editor. “Although 20 years has passed, the penal, legal and judicial systems have gotten worse—much worse,” said Glenn.

“Everyday,” continued Glenn, “more of our youth are locked up or murdered—when their only crime is the color of their skin. Every day our justice system locks up the weak and poor—while the rich literally get away with murder. “Justice” is now “Just Us” favoring those who got money. So today—the Cry for Justice is a relentless roaring—SCREAM!”

“We are now inviting those who have been released from prison and who can provide references from inside and outside their institutions to apply for the NLEC Leadership Training Program.

Making an application for service at NLEC involves the following:

  1. Tell us about yourself: How many years were you incarcerated? For what offense? How has prison helped you in developing a skill or in your rehabilitation? What courses did you take while in prison and which ones did you either graduate or receive a diploma from? What skills would you like to develop while in the training program? How has God played a part in your life while incarcerated and now that you have been released?
  2. Please answer the questions above and provide 2 letters of endorsement from either your pastor, counselor, caseworker or manager who worked with you while you were incarcerated. Also provide 1 letter of recommendation from a person on the outside. All letters should contain contact information of the authors such as: current addresses and telephone numbers for verification purposes.
  3. In your own words: Write a 250 word essay regarding your future plans.
  4. Send all to New Life Evangelistic Center, P. O. Box 473, St. Louis, MO 63166